Have you written or published a book?

Let us know the details. We support and encourage our local authors and would love to hear about your book. We can’t promise sales, but if your book fits our client profiles, we will include it in our monthly promotional listings to libraries all around Australia. Please use the form below or email us if you have questions.

NB: Physical formats only please. Ebooks are not currently part of our offering.

Once you’ve filled in the details, we’ll also ask you to submit a sample copy of your book so we can take a closer look. Address details will display after you submit.

Resources for Authors

Free Invoice Template

Please also take advantage of our “Ideal Invoice Template” if you need help in creating compliant invoices. If we do get orders for your book, using this template will help us to process your book faster ( and making it much easier to pay you on time!) DOWNLOAD HERE

The best person to make sure that libraries know about your book is you! Please download our free guide to getting your book into libraries across Australia.